05.12.2016 1

Sore loser #NeverTrump group demands Trump tax returns


By ALG Staff

The failed #NeverTrump group has demanded that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump release his tax returns before the Republican Convention.

These sore losers who make up #NeverTrump show how shallow and invested in D.C. political games that they really are in their specious demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns at all. Who cares how much Trump made in 2016?

This is just an example of a bunch of self-absorbed whiners not understanding that the issue of this campaign is about the failure of the political class to protect the interests of the American people. The elites’ years-long push for dropping both economic and physical borders has done enormous harm to our nation, costing millions of Americans their jobs, and voters could care less about the form Donald Trump’s accountants prepared.

What they care about is whether there will be any jobs worth having left in the country for the vast majority of them.

Perhaps it is time for #NeverTrumpers to get up off the floor and end their embarrassing temper tantrum.  Of course, if they actually engaged in a modicum of self-examination, they might realize that it is the Washington, D.C. political establishment’s failure to look out for the American people and their jobs that is being rejected.

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