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67 percent of federal judges will be Democrat by the end of Hillary’s first term


By Robert Romano

Thinking of staying home this November? Don’t think it will matter? Still sore over the primary?

Consider these disquieting facts. Since 1952, U.S. presidents have nominated and had confirmed an average of 163 federal judges, including 1.6 Supreme Court Justices, every 4 years.

Of the 853 currently seated federal judges according to data compiled by the Federal Judicial Center, the current partisan composition of the federal courts including district and circuit courts of appeals is 54 percent to 46 percent in favor of Democrats.

113 out of 165 oldest judges currently on the courts born on or before 1946 were appointed by Republicans. Meaning, if the 165 average die or retire starting with the oldest — Democrats would post a net gain of about 113 judges.

Meaning, a potential President Clinton could replace 53 Democrat judges and 113 Republican judges by 2020, bringing the number of judges appointed by Democrats to 575.

That would bring the partisan composition of federal courts to 67 percent Democrat — and that’s just in Clinton’s first term.

Meaning, likely, two out of every three decisions will favor the Clinton administration.

If she wins the whole eight years, the next 176 oldest judges born on or before 1951, 101 of them were appointed by Republicans, too. A second Clinton term would net another 101 judges for Democrats, bringing their federal judge total to 676 — or 79 percent of the total.

Then, 4 out of every 5 decisions will favor Clinton. What could go wrong?

To say nothing of the Supreme Court and how many appointments will be made there.

What does one suspect that will do to, say, First Amendment decisions? Or the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms? Or Fifth Amendment due process?

What about separation of powers issues on executive actions?

Or fateful decisions on Obamacare and HUD’s radical plan to rezone communities along racial and income guidelines?

Or executive amnesty for illegal immigrants?

You already know the answer. It will be a catastrophe for this country. These cases and more will be decided over the next four years, with the potential to radically alter the relationship between the government and the people—  with advantage shifting toward the government.

Rights will be relegated to mere privileges that the government can deny at whim. Executive actions will be codified with rubber stamps from Democrat judges. Obama’s legacy laws will remain in place for good.

It really will be Obama’s third term. A reminder of what one-party rule left in power too long can bring. Still thinking of sitting this one out? Think again.

Robert Romano is the senior editor of Americans for Limited Government.

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