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Will Bret Stephens say Hillary Clinton has a black soul, too?

HillarysBlackSoulBy Shaya Silbiger

Donald Trump is an authentic person with some rough edges who has become the voice of millions of forgotten Americans. Trump has a style that appeals to ordinary workers because it reflects their views, traditions and roots, which he respects and does not look down upon. It is no wonder that that a cosmopolitan elitist like Bret Stephens, who entitles his column the “Global View,” finds him distasteful.

Stephens probably began to learn how to hide his rough edges at Middlesex Prep School in Concord, Massachusetts. Middlesex is part of a consortium of schools known as St. Grottlesex. Not a place that would give you much exposure to traditional working people. The young preppy lad then went off to study philosophy at the elite University of Chicago and followed that up with a master’s degree from the elitist, socialist London School of Economics. The only workers he probably saw there were in pictures of illustrated Marxist texts.

The sophisticated Mr. Stephens has decided that Trump has a black soul because when Mr. and Mrs. Kahn were presented to the Democratic convention as the parents of a fallen Muslim American soldier he questioned why Mrs. Kahn, dressed in a hijab, stood silently while her husband berated Trump. I cannot remember a convention of either party where the spouse of a speaker was asked to stand silently while her husband spoke. Had the feminists in the crowd not been intimidated by political correctness towards Muslims they would have protested loudly. Stephens says that the mere mention of this unusual presentation reveals an “undisguised sadism” on the part of Trump. Stephens who is supporting Hillary Clinton has yet to say whether her lying to the parents of those killed in Benghazi while standing next to the coffins of their children and then later calling these parents liars is sadistic or reflects poorly on her soul.

At the Republican convention and during the campaign a number of people have come forward to tell how in a time of need in their life Trump came to their assistance with a job or a contribution. Mayor Giuliani has stated that Trump has been generous in his help towards the widows and orphans of fallen New York City policeman and fireman. We all know that this is not how Bill Clinton dealt with a person who was recently widowed. We all know that when Kathleen Willey, who had just lost her husband came to Bill Clinton for help, he responded by groping her. Mr. Stephens has not said that Bill Clinton has a black soul or that his assaulting her was an act of undisguised sadism.

Mr. Stephens has also not opined as to whether Hillary Clinton’s calling Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic looney tune,” was an act of undisguised sadism that revealed a black soul when her husband’s serial philandering, which was well aware of, was exposed once more.

Mr. Stephens has also not opined on Hillary Clinton’s laughing about getting a rapist of a twelve year girl off the hook. In the defense of a person who she later admitted was guilty of a brutal, heinous crime, Clinton submitted an affidavit that the victim had fantasized about older men. Does Mr. Stephens think it is undisguised sadism to publicly declare that about a girl that who was so brutally raped and beaten that she spent days in a coma and was told that she could never have children, and in fact never had children? Obviously not, because he is just fine with Clinton becoming President.

In Mr. Stephens’ fine and rarified world, widows, twelve-year old rape victims and interns are not important enough to interfere with his battle for his ideas. Since Trump has little use for neo-cons, he must be defeated to keep the movement strong. It may be that hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, but surely a woman scorned hath no fury as a neo-con “intellectual” scorned.

Mr. Stephens’ placing of ideology over morality and simple human decency has a precedent. Seventy-seven years ago this month the Stalin-Hitler pact was signed. Tens of thousands of secular Jews who were members, or fellow travelers, of the American Communist Party supported the pact that led to the Holocaust and opposed any American action to stop the Nazis. To them the Communist movement was more important than the lives of their fellow Jews. Today, Mr. Stephens believes that the influence of the neo-cons is more important than the lives of six million Israeli Jews who now live under threat of nuclear extinction because of the Iranian deal that Hillary Clinton facilitated and that she will keep in place despite countless violations by the Mullahs.

Mr. Stephens may have been taught history in fine schools, but his ego and ambition blind him to the obvious. He is like Balaam, the vaunted sorcerer of the Bible, who because of his own greed could not see what his donkey saw. If Mr. Stephens has a clear minded moment and wants to see a black soul, he should look into himself.

Shaya Silbiger is a practicing attorney in Washington, D.C., who was an aide to the late Congressman Stephen Solarz of Brooklyn, N.Y. Mr. Silbiger was also the Washington Representative of the American Jewish Congress. He is the son of Holocaust survivors.

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