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If you don’t vote and Hillary wins, after 8 years, 79 percent of all federal judges will be Democrat


By Robert Romano

If you don’t vote and Hillary Clinton wins, she is going to stack federal courts with liberal judges, no question. And you can blame yourself.

Since 1952, U.S. presidents have had confirmed an average of 163 federal judges, including 1.6 Supreme Court Justices, every four-year term in office.

Of the 853 currently seated federal judges according to data compiled by the Federal Judicial Center, the current partisan composition of the federal courts, including district and circuit courts stands at about 54 percent to 46 percent in favor of Democrats.

113 out of 165 oldest judges currently on the courts born on or before 1946 were appointed by Republicans. Meaning, if roughly that many die or retire starting with the oldest the next four years with Hillary Clinton as president — Democrats would post a net gain of about 113 judges.

That is, replacing 53 Democrat judges and 113 Republican judges by 2020, bringing the number of judges appointed by Democrats to 575. Republicans would drop to about 279.

That would bring the partisan composition of federal courts to 67 percent Democrat at the end of Clinton’s first term. Two out of every three decisions would favor the Clinton administration.

But it gets worse. The four years after that, the next 176 oldest judges born on or before 1951, 101 of them were appointed by Republicans, too. A second Clinton term then could net another 101 judges for Democrats, bringing their federal judge total to 676 — or 79 percent of the total. Then, four out of every five decisions would favor the Clinton administration.

And that’s not even considering how many Supreme Court appointments she may get to make.

So, forget about upholding the Second Amendment individual right to bear arms. Or First Amendment religious liberty or political speech rights. The living, breathing Constitution — with Clinton’s judges — would annihilate many of the protections the American people currently take for granted.

Perhaps the new Democrat judicial supermajority will find new rights to public services like education or health care.

Or uphold the Obama administration’s plan to rezone neighborhoods along income and racial guidelines.

Or grant citizenship to illegal immigrants so Democrats have even more free voters.

Or turn a blind eye to more unilateral executive actions by Clinton.

Sure, what could go wrong?

If the goal is one-party rule, this seems like a sure way to achieve generational control over federal levers of power. Just sit at home and let Hillary Clinton win. The courts will be packed — and America as you knew it will no longer exist. And you can blame yourself.

Robert Romano is the senior editor of Americans for Limited Government.

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