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Hillary Clinton could be losing the security-minded Millennials who still remember 9/11


By Natalia Castro

The fall of the twin towers was the single most iconic moment of my generation, our first image of American history was an attack on American exceptionalism, for the “90’s kid” we grew up believing we should live in fear. After the last presidential debate, Hillary Clinton represents the fears every young person should have about the safety of our country and the freedom of our people.

Most politicians evade questions, yet Clinton has consistently ignored questions relating to matters about which are vital to national security and social welfare, she creates fear.

When asked about pay for play, Clinton responded, “I’m thrilled to talk about the Clinton Foundation because it is a world renowned charity and I’m so proud of the work that it does. I could talk for the rest of the debate.” But she was not asked to discuss this for the rest of the debate, she was asked about pay-for-play and the Foundation’s criminal relationships.

When asked about the Second Amendment she said “common sense regulation” was a priority since Donald Trump had gun lobbyist in his pocket. Clinton claimed to defend guns but fought the 2008 Supreme Court decision, D.C. v. Heller, that protected gun rights as an individual constitutional right to bear arms.

When asked about $6 billion that went missing during her time as Secretary of State and her failures in Syria, Libya, and Iraq; Clinton avoided the questions. Clinton was specifically asked about the no-fly zone which several generals and President Obama agreed would drag us into war, her response was “I think a no-fly zone could save lives and hasten the end of the conflict…This would not be done just on the first day. This would take a lot of negotiation and it would also take making it clear to the Russians and the Syrians that our purpose is to provide safe zones on the ground.”

Apparently, Clinton wants to use a tactic which risks war as a negotiating tool and believes she can make decisions better than the generals working in our military. While Clinton provides her plan for Islamic State in the Middle East, she ignores the constant question of what she actually accomplished as Secretary of State — when she was busy pulling out of Iraq, creating a fertile ground for Islamic State to form. Her work created a catastrophe, proving she cannot make these calls at all.

Clinton even told the entire world watching television it takes four minutes for the U.S. to launch its nuclear missiles. Did we really need to know that?

Clinton doesn’t just lie on issues dealing with her personal endeavors, Clinton puts our national security at stake every time her foundation accepts a donation in exchange for meeting, every time she denies that using a private server is a security threat, every time she defends a no-fly zone, and every time she limits the American people’s basic freedoms.

Clinton smug smile as Trump talks sends the youth a clear message — she believes she has done everything right.

However, this generation has seen the destruction of what occurred in 2001 and will not buy her lies or allow her to avoid these questions. In the first (and last) well moderated, fully encompassing presidential debate of the season Clinton proved her priority was her own security, rather than our nation’s.

Trump reminded voters in his final moments of the debate that in order for America to be great again it must be strong again, and this was the most accurate statement of the evening. Clinton does not represent strength but rather remains hidden from issues and relies on her vast cover ups to support her.

Experiencing a lifetime of growth in terror, economic turmoil, and governmental overreach has made Millennials scared. We have demanded a leader who is not wavered by self-interest or the fear we have, Clinton represents neither of those goals.

Natalia Castro is a contributing editor at Americans for Limited Government.

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