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The time is now for the American people to stand with President Trump

By Rick Manning

Things are getting real in D.C. and the swamp is in full fury trying to take down the presidency of Donald Trump before it even begins.

Today’s decision by the Justice Department number two officer to appoint a special counsel to examine the Trump presidency and Russia is a precursor of bad things to come if America doesn’t stand up and demand that Congressional Republicans stand with Trump.

Never Trumpers like former CIA officer Evan McMullen and conservative turncoat Erick Erickson have already weighed in with the intent of damaging the President. Further, D.C. can be a very lonely place when the elite insiders of both political parties are gunning for you.

Remember that many of the same insiders who now prowl around the White House with auspicious titles were busily planning for a Hillary Clinton presidency a mere few weeks before the election.

Incredibly, less than four months after his historic inauguration, the Democrats who never wavered from their fierce opposition to the President, have found the soft middle that they can intimidate into effectively ending the Trump Administration — the timid GOP Congress.

A Congress that has been cowed by professional demonstrators at town hall meetings, and which from the outset appeared to be trying to run out the clock on the Trump presidency through a do-nothing schedule that would shame any self-respecting legislator.

But the hard truth is that Donald Trump will survive this onslaught for two important reasons. First, he has done nothing wrong, and more importantly, millions of Americans will come forward demanding that their Members of Congress stand by Trump or else they will lose their seat.

Outside the inside the Beltway chattering class, real people see through the charade being perpetrated in the media and fostered by leakers, anonymous sources and a disgruntled former employee who Trump fired for being a politically manipulating jack ass.

Now, Trump has key decisions to make.  Will he hunker down and try to ride out the storm, or fire and replace the enemies within his own administration who are serving him poorly, even though he knows that will create a short firestorm itself? Will Trump back away from his agenda, or push forward with vigor? And will he end the futile attempt to present administration policy through the White House press corps and instead take his press briefings on the road so his message can penetrate the Beltway bubble?

Anyone who has remotely observed Donald Trump’s nature would readily expect that he will fight hard for the presidency that he won fair and square.  But to win, he will need millions of his supporters to demand Republican support for the President in Congress.

The time is now. The battle is joined. And Donald Trump needs the American people to stand with him, even if the D.C. swamp creatures won’t.

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.

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