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We pause to remark

By Don Todd

With all of their unsourced and blind sourced articles the only difference between the National Enquirer and the Washington Post and the New York Times is that the National Enquirer does not have a left-wing agenda.

Why do we call single terrorists lone wolfs? Why not the more accurate labels of lone pig or lone rat?

No one did more to transform America than Henry Ford. By producing affordable transportation to the masses he caused a quantum leap in American prosperity and freedom. Politically he was a nut. A rabid anti-Semite who was admired by Hitler and mentioned favorably in Mien Kamp. He published an anti-Semitic newspaper (The Dearborn Independent) which was distributed at all of his dealerships and authored the book The International Jew.

The same can be said of Jeff Bezos. He has transformed retailing in America. At the same time he is a political nut. He publishes the hate filled Washington Post which writes about everything with anti-American, anti-Trump slant.

Everything with Social in front of it is bad. Whether it be Social Diseases, Socialism or Social Studies.

If you believe the left stream media Donald Trump and his Republican supporters are fascists who are out destroy American freedoms and install a right-wing dictatorship. Not only that, he is out to destroy the Earth itself.  Believing all that it is not hard to imagine how someone who perpetrated violence on these evil people would view them self as a freedom fighter.

Dictionary definition of, barratry: “the persistent incitement of litigation.” In the headlines definition of barratry: “Democrats to sue Trump over conflicts of interest” (Politico 6/7/17) “D.C. and Maryland sue President Trump, alleging breach of constitutional oath” (Washington Post 6/12/17)

If transgenderism is OK why not transspecies? I believe I am a Gnu. I should be treated as a Gnu and fed Gnu food and kept in a Gnu pen. Anyone who opposes this is transpeciesphobic and that is not Gnice.

Google Robert Mueller and anthrax.  You will learn how Mueller and James Comey totally bungled a 2001 investigation of the man sending envelopes containing anthrax powder to public officials. After reading the numerous articles I think you will agree with me that Mueller should not be chosen to investigate a parking ticket.

Isn’t it interesting that more often than not a person who gets universal praise from the left and the right in the Washington swamp turns out to be a stinker?

Agreeing with a so-called transgender individual that yes you are whatever you think you are is like telling an anorexic yes you are fat.

Don Todd is the President of Americans for Limited Government Foundation.

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