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We pause to remark

By Don Todd

When is the last time you heard somebody say in a policy discussion, “I have not made my mind up about that and before I do I want to find out what Hollywood celebrities think?”

Why would anyone care about the political opinions of someone who memorizes and repeats words others have written and makes faces for a living?

General Michael Flynn was an appointed and confirmed member of the Obama Administration for 12 months. He was a member of the Trump Administration for 24 days.

We do not know if General Flynn has violated any laws but we do understand why he is asking for immunity for any Congressional testimony.  One need only look at what happened to Scooter Libby.  Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed by James Comey to look into who leaked the name of Valerie Plame as a CIA agent.  Mr. Fitzgerald knew from day one that Libby was not the source.  He nevertheless pursued Mr. Libby in an attempt to take down Vice President Cheney.  He convicted Libby of a process crime and destroyed him when Libby declined to make things up about Cheney.

Special prosecutors seem to believe that unless they convict somebody of something they have failed.

To paraphrase the Gipper corporations do not pay taxes they collect them.  Every penny they are forced to give the government is reflected in the prices they charge for their products.

In 1962 and again in 1963 a group on lawyers costumed as priests on the Supreme Court drove God from the public classroom.  Predictably and now obviously the Devil has moved in to fill the vacuum.

Education without morals is a beast on the loose.

The Washington Post should be renamed as the Bezos Blog.

Telework is when federal employees tell people they are working.

With health care, tax reform and many other important issues hanging in the balance Congress has transformed itself into 535 Inspector Clouseau’s chasing phantom conspiracies.

Who tried to influence our last nation election more, the Russians or the Media?

Don Todd is the President of Americans for Limited Government Foundation.

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