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We Pause to Remark

We know it is difficult but we should really feel sorry for the Queen of England and her family.  How would you like to spend your entire life as a tourist attraction?

Members of the media spend their entire careers second guessing and criticizing everyone in public life yet when they are criticized or second guessed they claim the Constitution is hanging by a thread.

If all those Mexicans coming across the southern boarder were voting Republican the Democrats would have mined the border and set up machine gun nests by now.

We are told by our betters that gender is totally fluid and changeable on a whim.  Those same people believe that one thing is immutable and cannot be changed.  That would be homosexuality.  Homosexuality we are told is genetic and cannot be changed.  Anyone trying to do so is denounced as violating the laws of nature.

There is a reason farmers and ranchers referred to marijuana growing in the wild as “loco weed.”

People who use indecent language are not decent people.

Abortion is not a political issue nor is it a social issue rather it is moral issue. If killing babies is not wrong what is? Now the left has moved on to killing old people with so-called assisted suicide. What is it with the left and human sacrifice?

The media’s obsession with President Trump’s tweets is a good thing. Whatever time they spend on it is time they cannot spend on stirring up anti-police race riots around the country as they did during the Obama Administration.

Is that the truth or did you hear it on CNN?

Why is a four-year degree in Women’s Studies considered, “higher education,” and teaching somebody to do something consumers are willing to pay you to do is not?

The student loan program has done more harm to a generation than anything since the polio epidemic of the early 1950’s. Many of today’s youth are economically paralyzed with huge debt and worthless degrees. Tuition costs are rising at twice the inflation rate while Marxist professors smirk at productive citizens from their faculty lounges.

The political class in Washington is still suffering from the illusion that the political agenda for the nation is set by the New York Times and the Washington Post and other leftist legacy media. While their influence extends beyond their circulation the fact remains that they have a combined circulation of a little over two million.  President Trump has 31 million Twitter followers. The Drudge Report gets around six million visits a day.  Rush Limbaugh has a cumulative weekly audience of approximately twenty million.  Rachel Maddow is the highest rated opinion TV show and she has less than 10 percent of Trump’s tweet audience.  A large and growing number of Americans are listening to a different drummer than the so-called elites.

I hear these ads on the radio advising me to not let the banks trick me into paying my credit card debt. Also, I hear if I owe the IRS they will with the help of this advertiser settle for pennies on the dollar. I guess those of us who take care of our financial obligations as become due are just fools.

There are a large number of public service advertisements (PSAs) on radio and television advising the public on the evils of tobacco and that is all well and good.  I hear no PSAs on the evils of opioids. Seems strange since one will kill you in forty years and the other can kill you in ten minutes.

You can always tell what the left is up to. It is what they are accusing the right of.

Don Todd is President of Americans for Limited Government Foundation.

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