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Why are House Republicans extending DACA for a year and expanding asylum laws?

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By Printus LeBlanc

Why does the Republican establishment insist on losing? The economy is booming, proving all the naysayers wrong, the polling shows the majority of the nation, conservative and liberal, are more in line with the President’s immigration policies than the Democrat Party’s, and finally, the Democrat Party is running to the left of Marx for the upcoming midterm election. What could stop the Republicans from maintaining control of the House? GOP leadership, that’s who.

A little more than a month ago, the House of Representatives voted on two immigration bills. The more conservative bill from Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) was able to garner 193 votes, with no help from Republican leadership. When the compromise bill came up for a vote, it was heavily whipped. The bill only got 121 votes, embarrassing Republican leadership as it was sure amnesty was the way to go.

President Donald Trump watched House leadership embarrass themselves and stated, “Republicans should stop wasting their time on immigration until after we elect more Senators and Congressmen/women in November. Dems are just playing games, have no intention of doing anything to solve this decade’s old problem. We can pass great legislation after the Red Wave.”

It seemed like immigration was put on the back burner until the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security got involved.

Last week the subcommittee voted on funding the Department of Homeland Security. Multiple amendments were added, but a few are going to erase the Southern Border. Anyone that is versed in the immigration issue knows the current crisis is due to asylum claims. These are not legitimate asylum claims; people are not being persecuted because of their religion or race, they are fleeing their home nations because big central governments have ruined the economies. But amnesty proponents have trained illegals to say the magic word “persecution.”

Once the person gets in, it is almost impossible to get them out, and if anyone knows this, it is the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security. Subcommittee Chairman Kevin Yoder (R-Kan.) gave his support for a Democrat amendment that allows “violence” to be an excuse for asylum. The amendment reverses the current Department of Justice policy of following the asylum law.

There is not one nation south of Texas that does not have a violence problem. The amendment essentially gives amnesty to tens of millions of illegal immigrants that are not even here yet.

The committee didn’t stop there. As this Congress has proven, nothing is more important than amnesty. An amendment was also passed to extend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for another year. Not sure Republicans on the committee campaigned on a message of rewarding bad behavior and open borders.

As if DACA and allowing anyone to claim asylum wasn’t bad enough, the committee also refused to defund sanctuary cities. Cities that let criminal illegal immigrants onto the street to commit rape, assault, and murder are getting rewarded by GOP leadership. Whose side are they on anyway?

The mainstream media and GOP establishment are already trying to spin the bill as a win. Look $5 billion in funding for the wall. Of course, building a wall is meaningless if it is full of loopholes. If the amendments are allowed to stand, the wall will do nothing, and be nothing more than a bribe to get the President’s signature on a funding bill.

The American people spoke loudly and clearly in November of 2016. They are tired of illegal immigration, and they are tired or rewarding bad behavior, and the GOP does this. If the GOP loses the House this fall, it will not be because of President Trump. It will be because it has driven the base home with its incessant pandering the illegal immigrant community, which can’t vote by the way. President Trump must let it be known he will veto the legislation that came out of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security. It is a violation of the promises he made to the people that supported him.

Printus LeBlanc is the Legislative Director at Americans for Limited Government.

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