08.26.2019 0

Trump’s sanctions and tariffs against China will likely stay in place even after Trump leaves office

President Trump hits China with more tariffs, sanctions on fentanyl and threatens broader economic sanctions — and it’s about time:

President Donald Trump stepped up the pressure on China last week by leveling sanctions against Beijing for its role in bringing tons of fentanyl to the U.S. that has killed more Americans than the Lusitania and Sept. 11, 2001 combined, plus a new round of tariffs to keep the pressure on Beijing to come to the table on trade. To top it all off, Trump threatened broader economic sanctions on China and urged U.S. companies to leave, citing authority under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to block transactions upon declaration of an emergency. Dialogue, of course, is preferred, but Beijing appears more interested in inflicting damage on the U.S. than talking ahead of the 2020 election in the hopes the American people elect a more acquiescent candidate. We’ll see, but history teaches it’s usually not a good idea to bet against America. What do you think?

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