09.10.2019 0

Trump could hit migrant caravan organizers w/ sanctions for mass human trafficking

Trump should hit organizers of migrant caravan with sanctions as border migration down 55 percent since May:

Apprehensions on the southern border slowed precipitously in August to 64,006 as illegal immigration was curtailed, the latest data from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol shows. Migration is down 55 percent from its peak in May 144,255 as people continue fleeing Central America in droves. But is it enough? The organizers of the caravans, Village Without Borders, remain fully operational throughout Mexico and Central America with the stated purpose of facilitating people to make the dangerous journey north into the U.S. illegally and building shelters along migration routes, with almost 1 million being sent in the past 12 months alone. So, why are they allowed to operate? President Trump is authorized under federal law to sanction human traffickers and could slap economic and financial penalties on Village Without Borders. And to the extent the group operates and raises money in the U.S., the Justice Department could take action and work with Mexican prosecutors to make certain the label sticks on both sides of the border. What do you think?

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