09.11.2019 0

Unemployment has never been so low for blacks, making the 2019 Trump economy the most equal ever

Lowest black unemployment in American history at 5.5 percent makes the 2019 Trump economy the most equitable ever:

The Trump economy has consistently been delivering, with near-50-year-low 3.7 percent unemployment nationwide, and the rising tide has been helping Americans of every race and background, including blacks. Since Jan. 2017, 1 million more African-Americans say they have jobs up to now 19.4 million, the most ever. There are 400,000 fewer unemployed as the jobless rate for blacks has dropped from 7.7 percent to the lowest unemployment rate ever at 5.5 percent in August, according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2020, President Trump can take his campaign to urban centers that have traditionally voted Democratic on one of the best and certainly the most equitable economies in American history and attribute it in part to the expanded opportunities that his administration are helping to bring back home with its pro-growth, America first polices. What do you think?

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