11.19.2019 0

Barr warns #Resistance, #NeverTrump deconstructing Article II of the Constitution and the Presidency

Attorney General Barr is right, the left is deconstructing the Constitution and the Presidency:

Attorney General William Barr is right. The revolution we are witnessing today by the so-called resistance is the deconstruction of the Constitution and the presidency writ large by courts implementing nationwide injunctions on clearly constitutional presidential acts and Congressional attempts to usurp executive power away to unaccountable administrative state agencies. Above all other officers, it is the President who explicitly in the Constitution must swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, and who ultimately safeguards limited government and the rule of law, which cannot prevail without the separation of powers. Now we have an impeachment whose central premise is Trump’s temporary decision to withhold military aid to Ukraine while he considered the future prospects of the U.S. relationship with that country and whether or not to request a rescission of that funding from Congress. We have seen how the administrative state reacts when a president has his own ideas about foreign policy and the removal of subordinate officers. This is the deep state showing its teeth. You fight the wars they want — or else. But they are the true tyrants, these unaccountable, unelected and unremovable bureaucrats, who answer to no one if they do not answer to the President. What do you think?

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