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Hunter Biden may have to pay back the millions he made, which were stolen from the people of Ukraine, under U.S. law

By Bill Wilson

The one, overriding impression that Democrats, media and the left have left on many Americans after two weeks of the “impeachment” circus” is not what they intended. They have left the unmistakable impression of fear; near-panic levels of terror.  And from what is now seeping out, they have every reason to feel this way.

You see, their con-game is about to be exposed. The merciless corruption and venal disregard for the American people that has become their entire operating model is on the verge of being dragged through the streets for all to see and ridicule.

At every turn, the true matter before the nation is becoming more and more obvious – the deep and systemic corruption that the Obama administration imposed on America, the disdain of the American people by the globalist elite, and the desperation to hide the facts from the public even at the cost of the legitimacy America’s most central institutions.

The list is long. From the vile action of the communist-supporting John Brennan of Obama’s CIA to the likely criminal “leadership” of the FBI under Comey, to the globalist hit-squad at the State Department, the picture is one of arrogant disregard for the law, an almost adolescent rebellion against the nation that has given them so much.  And while the list of violators is long, it is fitting that the crux of the current debate starts with the outright, open corruption of the Biden family, especially Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden is the essence of the modern leftist movement; self-important, narcissistic to the extreme and greedy beyond words. Once the Democrats and their quislings inside the bureaucracy learned that the President was looking into the Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma, accused of stealing from the Ukrainian government during the Viktor Yanukovych administration, that had funneled millions to Hunter Biden, they knew they had to double down. And in classic fashion, Democrats and the left have engaged in an orgy of casting accusations against other people of their own worst crimes.

Hunter Biden could owe the millions he made in Ukraine from Burisma back to the people of Ukraine as a part of an asset recovery process under U.S. law. Under 22 U.S.C. Section 8904(a): “The Secretary of State, in coordination with the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury, shall assist, on an expedited basis as appropriate, the Government of Ukraine to identify, secure, and recover assets linked to acts of corruption by Viktor Yanukovych, members of his family, or other former or current officials of the Government of Ukraine or their accomplices in any jurisdiction through appropriate programs, including the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative of the Department of Justice.”

And now we know the new Ukrainian Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka has expanded his office looking at the theft by Burisma and the company’s head, Mykola Zlochevsky, of stealing $33 million from the country’s central bank. The monies are all fungible, so it is likely Biden profited from this alleged theft while at Burisma, even if it was years later. It looks like he was hired to keep this investigation from happening, so giving the money back is the least the younger Biden could do.

Were it just using the office of the Vice-President to protect his son’s highly questionable “business dealings,” it would have been bad enough. But now we learn that Hunter and another scion of the elite were neck deep in the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF) program, as Rosemont Capital benefitted from the program to the tune of $130 million.

TALF is the very definition of corporatist theft, a scheme hatched in the early days of the Obama regime that funneled tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars to favored actors of the political class.

The scam worked like this. A group of “approved” investors went to failing banks and bought asset-based securities.  The “investors” would put up as little as 5 percent of the purchase price while the Federal Reserve — the taxpayers — paid the rest.  But over the course of the term of the security, 100 percent of the payments went to the investors, nothing to the public. And when the deals failed — when the income did not support repayment of the loan, the investors were allowed to just walk away, pay nothing!

It was a license to loot.  And ole Hunter was in on the deal from Day One.  “This is a great example of the suspicion of many Americans that these bailouts were used to benefit connected insiders while ordinary Americans went broke,” said Tom Anderson, director of the Government Integrity Project at the National Legal and Policy Center, an organization that was critical of TALF at the time.

The establishment powers that be do not want the American people to get a clear view of the depth of corruption that has infected our nation — under both Democrat and Republican administrations.  That is what the impeachment scam is all about – a massive cover-up of a system that is in free-fall,  Love him or hate him, nobody can deny that the great contribution of Donald Trump has been — and God willing will continue to be — the exposure of this venality.

Hunter Biden should be made to pay back any money he got from Rosemont that depended on U.S. taxpayers, and any money he got from Burisma, which was stolen from the people of Ukraine. As the circus continues into the next act, everyone should remember that none of this is about Donald Trump. This is an excise of self-loathing by a corrupt establishment best exemplified by the Biden mob.

Bill Wilson is the President of the Market Research Foundation and a former board member and former President of Americans for Limited Government        

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