11.04.2019 0

Ukrainian involvement in 2016 Russiagate hoax and corruption are U.S. national security concerns

Ukraine was concerned about violations of U.S. law, not Ukrainian law, so there was no investigation by Ukraine to be requested by President Trump:

Former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko in a Sept. 29 BBC interview confirmed concerns about Burisma and former Vice President Joe Biden were that they possibly violated U.S. laws, not Ukrainian laws, saying he told that to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani: “I told him the same I told you — it is not my jurisdiction… It is likely to be the jurisdiction of the U.S. If you will send me a request, yes, I will give you all official information, but it is not Ukrainian jurisdiction — that was my answer.” So, if there were no violations of Ukrainian law, what investigation could President Donald Trump have pressured Ukraine to pursue?

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