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Team Trump Protects Religious Freedom from Covid Lockdowns

With the ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen.

When hospitals in Maryland and Virginia denied patients access to their priests, the Trump administration stepped in to protect the patients’ religious freedom from Covid lockdown overreach.

In July, a woman in Maryland had just given birth when she tested positive for Covid. The hospital immediately separated her from her baby. Shaken by the involuntary separation, the mother requested that a Catholic priest be allowed to visit her newborn son to baptize him. She said the hospital denied her request due to a Covid-19 visitor exclusion policy. This outrageous case was soon followed by two similar ones in which hospital staff refused patients access to their priests.
The coronavirus pandemic should not serve as an excuse to restrict the access of religious clergy for patients in hospital settings.
Compassionate care requires treating the body without sacrificing the soul, and these resolutions show how hospitals can do that safely even during a pandemic.

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