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10.05.2020 0

The Pro-Police Candidate

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are positioning themselves as the candidate of law-and-order. But when pressed by Trump at their recent debate to name just one law enforcement group that endorsed him, Joe Biden couldn’t do it.

That’s odd, because a month ago, the Biden campaign released the names of 190 members of law enforcement who endorsed him .

Meanwhile, the nation’s largest police union, the Fraternal Order of Police , which represents 355,000 police officers endorsed Trump.

The fact that Biden couldn’t remember these recent endorsements may be a sign he’s not running his own campaign, or he’s reached the end of his intellectual lifespan. In either case, both are worse than appearing to be weak on crime. which by the way, he is.

At the debate, Biden defended far-left anarchist movement Antifa as “an idea, not an organization.”

Biden is an Antifa apologist who doesn’t know what’s going on with his campaign. Trump is the clear law-and-order candidate.

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