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Trump Unites, Biden Divides

Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, joined Dan Ball on OAN to talk about the Presidential Debate.

Well the really interesting thing is Joe wants to pretend like he’s the uniter when, in fact, the Democrats want to divide everybody by hyphens. They want to say that ‘Oh you’re this – so you get to have this benefit. But you’re this, but you’re not, so you don’t get to have that benefit.’ You know the idea that we’re all created equal, endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights among these life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is one that’s in the DNA of our country.

While Joe talked about that what he really meant when he was saying that was that certain people were going to have certain privileges and other people were not. It was really a divisive America that he’s looking at and that’s the darkness he’s talking about. It is a divided America. The fact is Donald Trump is exactly right. When the African-American community has the lowest unemployment rate in history as they did in February of 2020; when the Hispanic community has the lowest unemployment rate in history as they did in February of 2020 before the Chinese virus hit; when there’s more women in the workforce than ever before as it was in February of 2020. That’s when you find commonality.

Because we all pull together. We all have the same kind of challenges. We’re in the same workplace. We’re working together. You don’t have to force integration. Integration occurs as we work with people, as we deal with people. That’s how we end up becoming together and uniting because the fact is, underneath our skin we all are humans created equal and Donald Trump knows if we provide equal opportunity for people we will in fact create a system that is much more equal in how people are treated.


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