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Voices Yearning to be Heard

Voices in China yearning to be heard. With the ALG News Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen.

The Chinese Communist Party has taken millions of their own people and forced them into concentration camps – their stories never told. But one group, the Captive Nations Coalition, is changing that. The group has released a series of short videos with first hand accounts of people who have escaped one of these camps or have family members still trapped in one.

The group’s director says we “want to get their voices to the American public. What is happening in China right now is unimaginable to those of us in the free world.”

One woman believes she was imprisoned because she practiced a form of Buddhism called Falun Gong. In the labor camp she says she was forced to run and march for long hours under the blazing sun. She was sleep deprived for nearly 50 days. She says police fed her drugs which made her feel dizzy and have heart palpitations. She could barely breathe.

To see the videos go to DIVESTCHINANOW.ORG

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