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Who is Really Funding China’s Military Buildup?


The Pentagon recently issued an alarming report about the Chinese Communist Party’s ominous military build-up. The People’s Republic is amassing a vast array of warships, bombers and other aircraft, missiles, tanks, etc. as part of its bid to dominate the world. We are the intended target of these weapons and other techniques Chinese strategists call “unrestricted warfare.”

Millions of American investors are unknowingly paying for these threats through their purchase of Chinese stocks and bonds. That is intolerable. It must end.

That is especially so since Chinese corporations that are getting money from Wall Street can do so without having to conform to the same rules their American counterparts must play by. Our companies have to be transparent, properly audited and willing to disclose fully material risks. The CCP’s companies don’t.

Senior U.S. government officials have repeatedly warned that Chinese companies may defraud investors. Many are involved in human rights abuses and/or pose threats to our national security. The Labor Department says that twelve of these corporations actually use child- or slave-labor making investors in them effectively slave owners.

In August, a top State Department official warned college and university governing boards served notice that the value of Chinese stocks and bonds are likely to be decline as a result of U.S. government action and that they should, therefore, divest from China. As should every private investor.

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