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How Red States Can Survive a Potential Biden Presidency

Red States Could Have Upper Hand in Possible Biden Presidency. With the ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen.

In an ironic twist, the United States Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling that the federal government could not withhold appropriated law enforcement dollars from the state of California – even though it refused to enforce federal immigration policy. This could have big implications for a potential Biden presidency.

Assuming that the Supreme Court applies the same regard to conservative states as they have given the state of California, these states can resist a potential Biden administration’s encroachment on their state policies. The supreme Court said the federal government cannot force states to enforce or administer a federal regulatory program.

With the GOP controlling the legislative branch in thirty-one states next year, almost half the states could opt-out or outright reject the most egregious federal policies, effectively neutering Biden on domestic policy.

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