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On the other side of grief

By Robert Munroe

Over the last month, I like tens of millions of other Americans have been wrestling with grief.  We may not have recognized it as such but what we have been feeling and experiencing is a deep, painful, raw grief.

It would be too simplistic to chalk it up to a bitterly fought election.  It is far more than that.  For what I believe we are mourning is the loss of our nation.  I have come to see what I and so many others are going through as the mourning process for the death of the United States.

For those who dismiss this or laugh, you have no power over me or my thoughts.  With the death of my country, I no longer care one way or the other what you think.  You are alien to me, vile creatures who frankly disgust me.  And how else could we react?  The evidence is crystal clear that the election was stolen.  The individual you are about to install is a demented fool who cannot prevent himself from spouting out the truth – he had the greatest voter fraud operation ever known and he is prepared to step down and hand the government over to a pathetic witch who couldn’t get 1% of the vote in the Democrat primaries.

As with any death, there are five stages of grief that most people experience.  Once on the “other side” of those stages you can begin to look forward.  That is where I find myself today and where I trust millions of my fellow patriots will soon join me.  Let’s review the stages

The first stage of grief when the loved one has expired is denial.  Everyone I know tasted that on November 4 and 5.  It wasn’t true, it couldn’t be true that the communists had won.  When people went to bed, Trump was winning in all the states in question.  By morning, large “dumps” had turned the tide.  That denial clouded our judgement and prevented swift action in the days immediately following the election that might have saved America’s life.  But we didn’t move, we trusted someone in the GOP or the campaign or the White House would do what was necessary.  They didn’t – either from the same paralysis we had or due to collusion with the enemy.  Now, it doesn’t matter.  What could have been done was not done.

The second stage is anger.  No need to dwell on that one.  The rage that most of us felt was debilitating.  I, for one, could not speak to anyone but my closest friends.  I found myself falling into fantasies of mass retribution of the most heinous kind.  But life intervenes and the rage fades.  Oh, it is not gone.  The overwhelming thirst to hurt the usurpers and their fellow travelers will, I hope, never go away.  But for now, the anger needs to be put aside.

The third stage of grief is “bargaining.”  That one has not lasted very long for me either.  Once I saw that the so-called “leaders” of the Republican Party were already licking their chops at working with the Commander-in-Thief Biden, I knew there was no deal to be made.  We always knew in our hearts that the GOP was complicit in the attacks on Trump starting from before he took the oath of office as was the CIA, the FBI, and the rest of deep state traitors.  But once it smacked me and others in face, it was obvious that there was no bargain to be had.  That hated Trump.  They hated the millions of us to who voted for him more.  They had nothing for us.

Of course, the fourth stage of grief is depression.  And, it is very hard not to be depressed.  The agenda that will be pushed now is not just the death of America; it is an act of contempt for all that America was and what many of us had prayed it would be again.  But now the government will open the borders and destroy any cultural cohesion while killing the hopes of American workers.  The plutocrats will get their wage cutting, job killing dreams come true.  We will trade away our sovereignty to a gaggle of globalist bureaucrats from failed counties just so the scum of Corporatist America can make a few more points on their mountains of money.

And, worst of all, our sons and daughters will be put to war to be policemen of the world, dying and being mangled to make the world safe for Central Bankers and their trolls.  The cycle of endless war that Donald Trump did so much to be bring to an end will be relaunched in a sea of American blood and wasted treasure.

Pretty tough to not be depressed.  But out of this progression we reach the final stage of grief, acceptance.  And that is where I find myself today, accepting the fact that the election was stolen, that an illegitimate occupation government sits in Washington and that all of us will have a very heavy price to pay for our failure to prevent it.  I accept that this is where we are today.

But acceptance does not mean I am stuck where I am.  It does not mean that I have to meekly go along with the insults and indignities that flow from the occupiers.  I am still free to act, to refuse to participate in the orgy of destruction and hate that are the hallmarks of the Democrat-Marxist regime.  And, regardless of the censorship and the daily dose of raw propaganda sold as “news” or “entertainment” or “sports,” I can seek ways to find the others with whom I agree and speak with them, to build a true organization free of the death-grip of the empty husks that pass for political organizations today.

This is where I am, accepting where we stand and looking for an effective vehicle and platform from which to launch the most vicious counter-attack possible.  Time for grief is over.  Yes, it is sad.  The United States was a great place and beautiful experiment in self-government.  But it is gone.  All any of us can do now is fight to have a say in what will rise from the ashes and work for the Restoration of our once-great nation.

Robert Munroe is a pseudonym, named after the first patriot killed at Lexington. 

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