12.09.2020 0

The Media Is Using Fear To Steal Our Freedom

The U.S. media has bombarded Americans with a torrent of unrelenting bad news when it comes to Covid. A new National Bureau of Economic Research paper says the media went too far and created a climate of fear and even panic. They found that 91 percent of stories by major U.S. media outlets were negative in tone. Stories of increasing Covid-19 cases outnumbered stories of decreasing cases by a factor of more than 5-to-1, even during times when new cases were declining. That imbalance in media coverage has created a climate of fear. Americans, including our lawmakers, began to respond to the virus in irrational ways. Basic virology went out the window as ’15 days to flatten the curve’ devolved into a mad idea that we must close down society and shelter from the virus, unleashing unprecedented restrictions on economic freedom and destroying untold numbers of lives and livelihoods in the process. This is the power of fear. For more check us out at the Daily Torch.com


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