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The Patriot’s Dilemma: to vote or not to vote in a rigged election?

The patriot’s dilemma: to vote or not to vote in a rigged election? with the ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen. A prominent Republican attorney investigating voter fraud in the 2020 election, says Republicans should sit out the January 5 run-off elections for Georgia’s two U.S. senate seats. With a recent poll showing 70 percent of Republicans don’t believe the elections were free and fair, many may be inclined to do so.

You will never convince me that Joe Biden, the guy who hid out in his basement for the past 8 months, won more votes than Donald Trump. Despite that, we cannot disengage. In the words of a retired Marine: Frustration is part of the process when something is worth fighting for. If it is worth fighting for, you may hit multiple walls. Go over the wall, around the wall, under the wall, or knock the wall down. You do whatever you have a to do to get to the other side of the wall. But getting frustrated and banging your head against the wall is not the solution. For more check us out at the Daily Torch.com


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