01.31.2021 0

Flashback: Pelosi Supported Violent Protests

What a difference a decade makes. With Today’s ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen. As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pursues a politically driven impeachment of former President Donald Trump, a look back to the not-too-distant past shows Democrats haven’t always taken such a hard line against violent protesters in the halls of government. 10 years ago Pelosi enthusiastically supported a mob of trade unionists, teachers and assorted rabble who crowded the halls of Wisconsin’s state Capitol in Madison in 2011 to protest moves by then-Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to bring conservative values to the Badger State’s government. Throughout the month-long occupation, the liberal mob chanted slogans such as, “This is what democracy looks like and Pelosi tweeted, “I stand with the students & workers of

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