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How should we respond?

While not a Christian group, we will be proceeding along the lines of Christian principles, because if we fail to win the battle against moral relativism, the rest is lost.

By Rick Manning

America is the greatest country that has ever existed in the history of mankind and it is worth fighting for, but last week’s capitol takeover and the tyrannical response by the tech giants, sets the cause of America back immeasurably.

In times of stress, I find it best to fall back on the words of Jesus, He who is the Word.  One of Jesus’ hardest teachings is to turn the other cheek, which does not mean to kneel to Rome, but the revolutionary idea to stand resolute in truth while not physically striking back. When Jesus reveals Himself as truth to Pontius Pilate in John 18:33-37 with Pilate’s immediate response of “What is truth?” the contrast between those who believe in absolute truth and those who believe that truth comes from the barrel of a gun (or sword in Pilate’s case) is laid bare.

That is the place that we find ourselves in America today.

A place where statues of those who launched the greatest nation in the history of the world are torn down by the mob.

A place where a Silicon Valley oligarchy decides what speech is worthy of being heard based upon their ever changing standards.

A place where mass murderers deserve taxpayer protection, but an accomplished attorney working pro-bono is forced out of her law firm due to her defense of free and fair elections.

It is unrecognizable in many respects, and that is our fault.  We have ceded the institutions, like academia, which have poured poison into the ears of our children.  And we have failed to make effective and relevant rational and moral arguments in defense of individual liberty against collectivism.

Americans for Limited Government will continue to unapologetically speak truth to power, and it is our hope that those who agree will link arms.

While not a Christian group, we will be proceeding along the lines of Christian principles, because if we fail to win the battle against moral relativism, the rest is lost.

The next four years are likely to be difficult, as the Biden administration will expand Obama-era federal government attempts to suppress speech and dissent. Remember the IRS attacks on the tea party among other abuses that the institutional media covered up?

However, all is not lost as there are footholds for the fight for freedom.  Most states are controlled by GOP legislators and governors.  Most towns, counties and school districts are conservative dominated.  And most people who live in these areas believe in individual freedom as the ideal.

But most important, most Americans in these areas still know that truth is truth and anything else is not, understanding that laws which are malleable based upon who is enforcing them are not laws at all.

It is this ethos driven by a desire to live by the two commandments which Jesus identified as being the most important – love God and love people – that is the pathway forward.

America is the most successful nation in history because Americans are steeped in the idea that their individual liberties come from God.

As we move into the tumultuous times ahead, remember that it was only Jesus who could calm the sea, and while his message of forgiveness and love is counterintuitive, it is the only way to reconciliation.

To be clear, this does not mean that we should be weak or kneel to those who would deny us basic freedoms. It means each of us controls how we react to every circumstance.  A decade ago, it was popular to ask the question “What would Jesus do?” Today, asking that question in every circumstance is more important than ever.

And while you are acting like Christ, you just never know who is watching.

We live in perilous times, which gives us a unique opportunity to be an example.  The only question that remains is what kind of example do you want to be?

Rick Manning is a practicing Christian and President of Americans for Limited Government.

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