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03.09.2021 0

Insane Social Engineering Inside Our Classrooms

A middle school choir teacher in Minnesota recently taught a class full of sixth-graders about various “types of oppression” by separating students into “privileged” and “targeted” categories. With today’s ALG Minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen. This is the latest example of educators and administrators force-feeding critical race theory and progressive political ideology to young, impressionable students — often while the social engineering campaign goes completely unnoticed by parents. According to lesson plan documents obtained by The Blaze the teacher told students, “Last week, we talked about how hard it is to talk about race, and the level of difficulty is different for different people. For people who are privileged, it’s much easier to talk about race and other issues. For people who are not privileged, it’s much harder. Today, we will look at different types of oppression, and whether each of us is in the privileged group or the targeted group.” The chart listed five types of oppression for the students’ consideration: Racism, sexism, religious oppression, heterosexism, and xenophobia. For more check us out at the Daily


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