04.26.2021 0

Michigan State Separates Out ‘White folx’

After being exposed by conservative news outlets, Michigan State University has backed down from a highly offensive attempt to separate black and white attendees at an upcoming conference. With today’s ALG minute, I’m Catherine Mortensen. Officials planned to segregate participants based on their skin color to facilitate what they called affinity group conversations. An email promoting the event said – quote There will be an affinity group for white folx and an affinity group for people of color. Folks was spelled F-O-L-X. The university states the needs for such racial segregation by noting it will “advance racial equity,” adding “there is work for white people and people of color to do separately and together. For white people, an affinity group provides time and space to work explicitly and intentionally on understanding white culture and white privilege and to increase one’s critical analysis around these concepts. As a result of the College Fix new site media exposure the university has dropped the segregation plan.


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