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Democrat’s Voter Fraud Bill a ‘Frontal Assault on the Constitution’

By Catherine Mortensen

With midterm elections shaping up to be a slaughter for Democrats, Senate Democrats are trying to push through their election fraud bill as quickly as possible, hoping it will allow them to rig the midterm elections for their benefit. Democrats are not even attempting to disguise S1, the For the People Act, as anything other than a partisan measure designed to protect their majority, now and well into the future.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted as much in a recent interview with PBS, saying, “We would be better if we can pass the H.R.1 and S.1. in order to remove obstacles to participation for people to vote.”

What Pelosi calls “obstacles to participation,” we call election integrity measures.  S.1 is a massive voting and elections bill that would rewrite the rules of American politics to exclusively benefit one political party, the Democrats.

S.1 would:

  • require states to automatically register residents (including illegal aliens and felons) to vote at Departments of Motor Vehicles;
  • turn the Federal Election Commission into a partisan entity controlled by the White House incumbent party;
  • strip states of their constitutional authority to run elections and allow the federal government to decree what’s best;
  • allow government funding of congressional campaigns;
  • ban voter ID laws, which maintain the integrity of elections;
  • create federal regulation of Congressional redistricting;
  • require the use of absentee ballot drop boxes;
  • eliminate state restrictions on mail-in voting;
  • require same-day voter registration.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-FL) told Fox News that “this is the single most dangerous piece of legislation before the United States Congress.”

Cruz went on to explain that the radical Democratic majority has two sets of priorities, “one is bad policy things like very high taxes, very high regulations, open borders. But the second and their broader objective is to rig the system and they have a whole bunch of dramatic reforms designed to stay in power forever, things like adding the District of Columbia as a state, so they get to more Democratic senators, to packing the US Supreme Court to add far left-wing justices.”

Cruz explained that with the addition of illegal aliens and felons, Democrats “reasonably believe” those groups will vote Democrat. “Their objective is to rig the game and stay in power for the next 100 years and to take the power away from the American voters.

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va) wrote in a guest column on Fox News Online that Republicans and Democrats want to see more people voting and noted that the nation had record turnout in last November’s presidential election. “So, if more people are in fact voting, what is the Democrats’ proposed legislation really about?” Moore Capito asked.

“This is where proponents of the federalized election power grab lose credibility,” she explained. “It is really about a way to implement absurd and downright un-American provisions in the bill that prioritize power over the will of the people.”

Sec. of State Kim Wyman (R-Wash.) recently testified against H.R.1, the House-passed companion bill to S.1, at the House Administration subcommittee hearing on voting access.

Wyman began her testimony by noting that some voters still lack confidence in the integrity of mail-in-ballots and called for moving forward to “rebuild the confidence lost in both election security and voting accessibility.” But she said “fast tracking an 800-page bill, written without meaningful input from state and local election experts is not the answer.

“Our Constitution gives states the important role of administering elections,” Wyman added. “I encourage you not to constrain state’s authority to conduct elections in a narrow limiting manner. Rather, empower them to improve election administration. My colleagues and I in state and local election offices across the country, stand ready to work with you and ask you to include us in your work to create bipartisan solutions that improve elections for all Americans.”

If there is any doubt about Democrat’s goal to steal the vote, consider what Tyler Law, a Democratic consultant and former aide to the party’s House election arm, said about S.1 and H.R. 1.

“The future of the country is at stake. This is do or die. We as a party need to put everything we can into this, because if we don’t, over time our representative democracy is going to be much less representative. It’s going to be much more conservative, much whiter and much more rural. And that’s going to create a constitutional crisis.”

Actually, passing this election fraud bill would bring about a constitutional crisis. From the New York Times, “passage of … H.R. 1 would … start a ‘legal war that could dwarf the court challenges aimed at the Affordable Care Act over the past decade. … The potential for the bill to set off a sprawling constitutional battle is largely a function of its ambitions.”

In the words of an editorial in the National Review, S.1 and H.R. 1 are ‘a frontal assault on the Constitution’ and ‘the most comprehensively unconstitutional bill in modern American history.’

States don’t need Washington, D.C. to strip them of their authority and impose burdensome requirements to fix problems that do not exist. What we need are voter integrity measures such as those recently adopted in states such as Georgia, Texas, and Arizona that will ensure honest and fair elections.

Catherine Mortensen is Vice President of Communications at Americans for Limited Government.

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