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Manning in Townhall: Keep the IRS Out of Our Personal Bank Accounts

The same people who make a habit of targeting conservative political activists and believe that every voice should be heard, so long as those voices agree with them, cannot be given the keys to our bank accounts. 


By Richard Manning

Remember Lois Lerner?

For those who don’t, Lerner was the career bureaucrat who used her position at the Internal Revenue Service to investigate and harass people who applied to the IRS for non-profit status for local tea party groups during the Obama Administration.  She was not an Obama political appointee, but merely a nameless, faceless bureaucrat who either decided on her own or was encouraged by the Obama White House to use the power of the IRS to make their political opponents’ lives miserable.

Lois Lerner matters today because the Biden administration remembers how they used the IRS against their political foes and now wants to ratchet up that power.  Under the guise of increasing enforcement to stop tax evasion, Biden is asking Congress to force banks to send the IRS in-depth records of all transactions for every individual bank account in America that is larger than $600.

Click here to read Manning’s full column in Townhall.

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