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Manning on Michael Yaffee Radio Show: Biden’s vaccine mandate Hail Mary is unconstitutional!

This is a Hail Mary for a failing president.

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a weekly guest on the Michael Yaffee radio show on WVNN in Huntsville, AL. This week they talked about Biden’s sweeping new Covid vaccine mandates which will impact about 100 million American workers.

Yaffee: Does Biden have the authority to force these workers to get vaccinated?

Manning: The short answer is no. OSHA derives its authority from the Commerce Clause in the Constitution. What Biden is trying to say is, ‘Because OSHA can regulate interstate commerce, they have the power to create universal emergency actions.’ The legal question will be whether Covid constitutes an emergency and are those powers that broad? I have talked to lawyers who worked at the Department of Labor who say flat out, this is unconstitutional. This is a Hail Mary for a failing president.

Biden desperately needs to get attention off the 9-11 anniversary and off of Afghanistan hostage situation. What the Biden State Department is negotiating now is to allow only U.S. citizens to leave Afghanistan, but not allowing them to bring their non-citizen family members with them. The only reason we are not talking about that issue 24-7 is because Biden wants to get the attention onto something else. Believe me, if his Afghanistan withdrawal had gone well, we’d be talking about that.

The enemy within is our own State Department. They are blocking the release of people from the Taliban.

The Secretary of State Antony Blinken needs to be impeached. The State Department is completely out of control.

Yaffee: Whenever I hear Secretary Blinken or the Secretary of Defense speak is weakness. If I hear that weakness, our enemy must hear it, too.

Manning: Under the Biden Administration, America has become the whipping boy of the world.

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