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09.21.2021 0

Manning on Michael Yaffee Radio Show: The Changing Face of Communism

AOC puts a youthful face on the tired ideas of Castro and Bernie.


Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a weekly guest each Friday at 11 am ET on the Michael Yaffee Radio Show on WVNN in Huntsville, AL. This week they talked about the most dangerous aspect of the Democrat’s $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill: all the mandates and mechanisms hidden inside the bill that would fundamentally transform our country into a socialist/communist utopia.

Yaffee: The more I learn about this massive spending bill, the less I am concerned about the dollar amount, and the more I am concerned about the framework in the bill that would fundamentally transform our country.

Manning: That’s exactly right. There are thousands of mandates and other elements in this bill that would destroy our country.

Yaffee: I even heard there are tax breaks for journalists in the bill!

Manning: It is a wholesale attack on our country. If there is anything the government doesn’t control now, they will if this bill passes. This bill is so bad that Nancy Pelosi was not able to get is passed in the House through regular procedure. The bill didn’t get a hearing in the appropriate committee, nor was it heard and debated on the House Floor. Pelosi had to push it through on a procedural vote to give her vulnerable Democrats cover in their next election. We have to push the Republicans to reject this bill!

If this bill passes with a lower dollar amount, it’s still a huge loss for the country because the bill contains a framework that sets up the destruction of our country. The dollar amount is less important than the framework it would impose.

Yaffee: It is shocking that socialist/communist Bernie Sanders is the Senate Budget Committee Chairman. Republicans need to call Bernie what he is: a radical. He should be laughed out of every room in which he is negotiating budget deals.

Manning: We cannot allow the Congress to send a bill to the President that allows the IRS to have full access to every bank transaction of every American with at least $600 in an account. This is an attack on the gig economy. It is an attack on our individual liberties and freedoms.

For more of their conversation, listen below:

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