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10.19.2021 0

Manning on Michael Yaffee Radio Program: California liberals at the root of the supply chain crisis

If we don’t get the global supply chain problem figured out, this will be a case of the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Each week Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joins the Michael Yaffee Radio Program on WVNN in Huntsville, AL to talk new of the day. This week they talked about the growing supply chain crisis.

Michael Yaffee: If we don’t get the global supply chain problem figured out, this will be a case of the Grinch who stole Christmas. Joining me to discuss this is Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government.

Richard Manning: I’ve been spent a lot of time for last month, trying to get to the bottom of this port problem. The problem is the state of California – at the behest of the unions – passed a law attacking gig workers, and independent contractors. They shut down the ability for independent truck owners and independent truck drivers to thrive. This law went into effect in January 2020, right as the pandemic lockdowns took place, so no one felt the effects. Well, guess what? When we didn’t have all the lockdowns, and production and demand are up, we see the effect of California’s laws. California simply doesn’t have enough trucks or drivers to do the job.

The fact is, those California ports worked fine a year-and-a-half ago. We had “just in time” delivery that benefited every single major retailer. Traffic was flowing.

Another problem is our transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, he’s been on paid maternity leave since August.

But there is a silver lining of all this. People know see how dependent we are in China for goods. We cannot accept this.

Michael Yaffee: What other problems are there associated with our over dependence on China?

Richard Manning: We suffer from the lack of any kind of environmental laws in China, and the fact that they are we trying to have a global energy crisis right now. As a result, China is burning more coal. The coal in China is high sulfur coal. So guess what? Every single that China exports is dramatically polluting the planet. It is worse than anything is done in the Western Hemisphere.

To listen to full interview, click below.

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