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Rick Rant: House Dems in Disarray, Republicans Rescue Pelosi, Vax Mandate Stayed and other news to note

Congressional Democrats were engaging in fratricide but leave it to Republicans to come racing to their rescue.  This is why many in Washington, DC call Republicans, the stupid party.

By Richard Manning

Job Shock: When you stop paying people not to work, they get a job

The October jobs report was great.  It showed more than 600,000 new jobs created in the private sector and job losses in government. About 60 percent of the people who became employed were long-term unemployed, normally something to be celebrated.

But the ugly truth is that Biden policies are directly attributable for the sudden surge of the long-term unemployed into the workplace. It was Biden’s policy to pay people a premium for remaining unemployed into September. When the free cash ran out, people got a job.  Only the left could be stunned by this outcome.  So the sad truth is that the federal and blue state governments were directly responsible for the large long-term unemployment numbers and the October job numbers are actually a direct repudiation of their dependency policies.

BAD NEWS: Economic Production Drops, Real Wages Decline

President Biden got it wrong earlier in the week when he falsely claimed that wage increases were outpacing inflation.  They aren’t.

Over the past year from September 2020 to September 2021, Biden’s Department of Labor reports that pay has gone up an average of 4.2 percent, but inflation has gone up 5.4 percent.  You don’t have to be a math major to realize that while you might make 4.2 percent more today than a year ago, prices have risen 1.2 percent higher over that same time. The difference between wage gains and inflation is known as ‘real wages’ and by any measure they fell over the past year. Perhaps the person entering words onto the President’s teleprompter should check with the Labor Department before letting his/her fingers do the walking.

Earlier in the week, productivity declined by 5 percent, the worse decline since 1981.  This means that more workers are producing fewer products.  Many blame the Biden supply chain crisis for this devastatingly bad outcome as employers are keeping workers on the payroll in spite of a shortage of materiel to make products.  This higher labor production cost for finished good virtually guarantees that prices will continue to jump as we head into Christmas.

GOOD NEWS: Biden Vax Mandate Temporarily Blocked by Federal Appeals Court

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has temporarily blocked the Biden Vax Mandate which would force employers of 100 or more employees to fire unvaccinated employees from taking effect.  The constitutionality of the decree is clearly at issue, and no employer should implement this attack on individual liberty.  If an employer feels compelled to do so, they should wait until the constitutionality is determined.  Firing employees to carry out an unconstitutional federal government mandate would be corporate mismanagement subjecting those companies and their shareholders to significant risk of massive civil litigation payouts.  Not to mention depleting their own workforce at a time when there is a major worker shortage and productivity challenges.  American business needs to keep its powder dry on the Biden Vax Mandate, because if they rush to implement an unconstitutional edict, it will likely blow up in their collective faces.

 GRAB YOUR POPCORN: Democrats form circular firing squad, House GOP jumps in middle

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the intellectual leader of the Democrat Socialist wing of the congressional Progressive Caucus took to social media to blame Democrats who were not aggressive enough socialists for the splintering political party’s disastrous showing at the ballot box in Virginia, New Jersey and across the nation.

In fact to emphasize the point, Progressive Caucus Executive Board Member at LargeRep. Jan Schakowsky (D-MI) called Wednesday for Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) to be defeated if they kill their party’s spending legislation.

Hardly the language of conciliation, kumbaya and can’t we all just get along, instead it is the precursor to a war over the future of the Democratic Party and the fundamental transformation of America.

AOC and her squad of five kept their word by voting against the $1 Trillion Infrastructure bill as the $3.5 Trillion reconciliation bill remained in limbo.  But Nancy Pelosi had a secret weapon – thirteen House GOP members – who bailed her out on the vote.  And by doing so, giving President Biden a much-needed win.  Congressional Democrats were engaging in fratricide but leave it to Republicans to come racing to their rescue.  This is why many in Washington, DC call Republicans, the stupid party.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made headlines a few weeks back by wearing an evening gown to the $35,000 a ticketMet Gala fundraiser that declared “Tax the Rich”. This weekend, Representative Lauren Boeberthilariously trolled AOC by wearing a dress adorned with the words “Let’s Go Brandon” to a meeting with former President Donald Trump.  Boebert promised during her campaign that she would take on AOC and the left, and the 34 year old Coloradan is keeping her word with this viral social media message that is driving them crazy.

Biden embarks on gun registration scheme

There is no law enforcement value to collecting the names, addresses and other contact information on those who lawfully purchased a firearm, yet that is exactly what the Biden administration is doing using records from out of business gun stores – more than 50 million of them.  Biden’s violating federal law by compiling a gun registration list can only be viewed as a precursor to confiscation.  Congress could defund the effort, but it will be up to the Courts to decide if the Biden administration is restricted by the plain letter of the law.  Hat Tip to Gun Owners of America for uncovering this back door gun registration scheme.

FBI RAIDS Homes of Project Veritas journalists

The Biden administration is continuing the weaponization of the federal law enforcement as their handmaidens at the U.S. Attorneys office of Southern New York called in the FBI hounds to harass Project Veritas journalists, confiscating notes and leads that have been provided under the promise of confidentiality.

This ham-handed attempt to intimidate and shut down Project Veritas is beyond despicable and dangerous. Americans for Limited Government proudly worked with Project Veritas in their expose of Democrat Socialist resisters in the federal government during the Trump administration.  Founder and head of the group James O’Keefe is one of the bravest people in politics and has the New York Times on the ropes in a defamation suit.  The FBI raid against his amazing group of independent citizen journalists who uphold the principles of the First Amendment far better than the multi-national corporate media should be an affront to anyone who actually engages in journalism.

Say a prayer for James, his team and all those who have bravely shared stories of corruption who now find themselves potentially exposed.

Richard Manning is President of Americans for Limited Government.

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