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Manning on Chosen Generation: The Political Lessons of Churchill’s Political Ouster

“When the voters are tired of hearing your voice, they are done with you.”

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a weekly guest on the Chosen Generation Radio Program with host Pastor Greg Young. This week Pastor Greg and Rick talked about former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Pastor Greg: My family and I watched the Winston Churchill movie, “The Darkest Hour,” over the weekend and we really loved it.

Richard Manning: I’m a big Winston Churchill fan. I really am. Winston Churchill was was an incredible guy. And I know he had his flaws, but he really was an incredible guy. And Winston Churchill put fear in Hitler. He was the only western world leader truly.

Pastor Greg: Churchill proved to be the the tiger that Hitler didn’t want to grab by the tail. And I believe that if it had not been for Winston Churchill, the entire world would have fallen to Hitler, honestly.

Richard Manning: So Winston Churchill is one of the more interesting figures in history and I will tell you what always strikes me about Winston Churchill is the political lessons we can learn from his life. Winston Churchill held the English people together from 1939 to 1945 and then you know what happened in 1946?

Pastor Greg: They voted him out.

Richard Manning: It’s one of the more compelling lessons about voters in particular. It’s a lesson about how when voters are tired of hearing your voice, they are done with you. The voters care about your vision for the future, not so much what you’ve done in the past.

To listen to the full interview click below.

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