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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for the Washington, D.C. establishment


By Rick Manning

It is Christmas season.  The decorations are hung or need to be. Gifts are being purchased. The Advent Week of peace is being celebrated. Parties are being thrown. And Americans wind down from a long, stressful year.

Unfortunately, while most Americans refocus, the rest of the world doesn’t stop, but in many cases looks at this time as an opportunity to exploit.

While you’re spending time with your families, the establishment in Washington, D.C. in Congress and the White House have visions of sugar plums dancing through their heads as a lame duck session of Congress is meeting and seeking to make major changes in our nation’s laws, using the post-election lull to try to advance radical ideas with the votes of Senators who won’t be coming back on January 3rd. 

The proposed omnibus spending bill that is being pushed has millions of taxpayer funds going to groups celebrating the homosexual lifestyle and the transgender agenda, it almost makes one long for the innocent days of earmarks for Harry Reid’s favorite cowboy museum.

The Republican establishment cheers Hershel Walker’s loss in Georgia, which they facilitated, by blaming former President Donald Trump, and express hope that all those nasty flag waving people who support him will go away and leave them alone.

In the sports world, the Biden administration makes the world less safe by trading a convicted Russian arms dealer who sells death and destruction to those in the world who seek to take down American interests to Moscow in exchange for a woman basketball player who knowingly entered Russia with drugs.

On the international front, Chinese government police stations have been discovered in both New York City and Los Angeles. Their mission – keep people of Chinese origin who are citizens of the United States or are legally residing here under the long arm of Beijing’s control through intimidation, kidnapping and arrest. I guess when the U.S. government decides as policy that our borders don’t matter what else should you expect.

Speaking of China, fentanyl, China’s most deadly export, continues to kill record numbers of Americans as it is being laced into other drugs in an attempt to murder as many as possible. The CDC reports that more than 150 people die each day due to fentanyl poisoning.  Tragically, more than 100,000 families will be sitting down to Christmas dinner this year mourning loved one’s who have died due to opioid overdoses including the fentanyl chemical attack .

On the presidential election fraud front, Senate Minority Leader McConnell promises to fix election fraud by passing legislation during the lame duck session which will take away state legislatures Constitutional role in determining the validity of their state elections.  Only in DC could institutionalizing and denying recourse against fraud be considered reform

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the new criminal first legal system has resulted in twenty percent of the homicides being committed by people who have been released on bail. Who would have thought that releasing criminals out on the streets in a turnstyle justice system would result in more crime and murder? 

The Biden administration, under something called ‘climate reparations, plans on giving $10 billion to third world governments who opt to subject their people to energy poverty rather than develop a stable electricity generation system to build their economies, to support the United Nations climate change grift.

The Iranian government faces a citizen revolution to overturn its murderous decades long imposition of Sharia Law, while the Biden administration still is propping up that the Mullahs who run Iran by providing them cash flow and promising even more money in exchange for their word that they won’t make a nuclear bomb as fast.   

Europe continues to suffer under self-inflicted energy shortages due to their political decision to become reliant upon Russian natural gas supplemented by wind and solar energy sources.  And the Biden administration is moving heaven and earth to follow in their footsteps.

And finally, the state of California is considering a proposal to pay black residents $223,000 each for reparations. So, a state that never had slaves, is proposing to give almost a quarter million dollars each to people who never were slaves, simply due to their ethnicity.  Let the 2023 California gold rush begin.

Yes, it is Christmas season but unfortunately stupidity and evil don’t stop in this season of joy because those intent on doing harm know that the best time to act is when the watchdog is asleep. 

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.

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