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Proof That the Radical Left Agenda is Failing as Americans take Populist Positions on Immigration, Taxes, Trans issues and Education

By Bill Wilson

A comprehensive new poll forecasts a huge rise in populist sentiment among the American people, with the public aggressively pushing back against globalist policies and the radical cultural agenda destroying the country from within.

The latest Harvard-Harris poll shows a majority of Americans reject allowing illegal immigrants to settle in the U.S. and support cutting taxes in their state, returning educational power to parents, and fighting back against the anti-science trans agenda.

There is also a common populist thread among the public figures Americans say they support the most at the moment. Among all voters – not only Republicans – the public figures with the highest approval ratings are former President Trump, alternative populist candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and free speech advocate Elon Musk, in that order.  

In fact, buried inside the poll is a finding that you certainly are not going to see broadcast in the mainstream news any time soon but should nonetheless be very heartening: “Most voters want to live in a lower-tax pro-charter school state with restrictions on gender surgery for minors and abortion”.  


This sounds like a description of Idaho, North Dakota, or any other number of Red States that are constantly ridiculed by the radical left, and yet by a nearly two-to-one ratio, Americans want to live in one of these states.   

While Republicans naturally choose the “low tax” culturally conservative states at far higher rates than Democrats in the poll, nearly half of Democrats (48%) say they want to live in such a state, as do nearly two-thirds (63%) of Independents. 

Wirth regard to immigration, the public shows a strong preference for curbing illegal immigrant access to U.S. driver’s licenses, and over two-thirds of Americans (68%) say those who cross the border illegally should be discouraged from settling in the United States. It is worth noting this position is not remotely  in-line with the Biden Administration’s current immigration policy which includes bending the law to encourage more illegals to enter the U.S. and gain residency.   

On taxes, a full 83% of the public favors cutting taxes in their state, and this includes 90% of Republicans, 81% of Independents, and 79% of Democrats. Yes, by nearly four-to-one, Democrats want state taxes cut. Blue States are strangling themselves, and even their liberal constituents have reached a breaking point.  What’s more, nearly half of the public also opposes raising taxes on businesses and upper-income earners, though just over half favor this.

A wide majority of Americans also want to course-correct on cultural issues, with eight out of ten Americans saying they would favor legislation it their states giving parent’s more rights in their children’s education and three-quarters saying charter schools should be encouraged.

On the issue of biological sex and gender, seven out of ten Americans say schools should not teach children that gender is something individuals can “declare” without any biological correlation.

The cultural pendulum is shifting back toward a more pragmatic and populist order, and the absurd cultural agenda that has been seeping into virtually every powerful institution for decades might actually be seen for the cancer it is.

The steady stream of outward migration from Blue states like California and their crumbling and crime-ridden cities into freer, safer, and more conservative Purple and Red states like Nevada and Idaho will no doubt impact every aspect of American society in the years to come. As usual, the Founders of the United States can be thanked for creating a strong system of federalism that affords Americans one of the most powerful weapons with which to fight back against draconian elites.

Bill Wilson is the former President of Americans for Limited Government.

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