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Will Biden Supporters Vote AGAINST their Self Interest a SECOND Time?!

I know a lot of you are Trump supporters who want to see him get the Republican nomination a second time and return to the White House. I want to start what could be a difficult conversation among conservatives: how would Biden voters react to a rematch between Biden and Trump?
Every American, regardless of political affiliation, has seen the decline in Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities over the past two years. I want to share a new two minute video clip with you of a focus group of Biden supporters with concerns about Joe Biden‘s age. It is eye opening and unsettling.
After that, I have one other short clip of Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC, making the most inane comments about Joe Biden‘s inability to get on an office stage without making a spectacle of himself!
The 8 people in this focus group clip are all fully aware of Joe Biden’s physical and mental deterioration, yet they plan to vote for him, simply because they dislike trump that much.
Given the level of vitriol Biden voters have for Trump, is Trump really the best choice for the republican party?

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