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Biden’s Border Assault Continues – Any Questions?

By Rick Manning

Joe Biden’s record setting presidency continues as it has been announced that more illegal immigrants crossed the southern border in January than in any previous January on record, according to the latest data from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

That’s right amazing Joe continues his stunning success in breaking the illusion of a U.S. southern border as 176,205 new illegal immigrants were encountered in January alone. 

Of course, this number falls 3,795 short of the number that would have been allowed under the Biden/Schumer open borders bill that the Senate rejected last week.  But Joe will keep trying. Joe’s America Never coalition of supporters though are quick to note that he has racked up 35 straight months with more illegal immigrant encounters than even the highest month in the Trump presidency.

Just another achievement for globalist to cheer in the on-going Biden attack on America.

Since Biden has occupied the White House, nine million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border, including 1.8+ million known “gotaways” who were seen but escaped from the Border Patrol to enter the country.  This 10.8 million does not include the tens to hundreds of thousands who it can be assumed have been smuggled into the country without the Border Patrol’s knowledge.

Note for those in Rio Linda, California (shameless Rush Limbaugh reference), 10.8 million is roughly equivalent to the entire population of North Carolina and is exceeded only by the states of Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Texas and California. 

If the illegal population either encountered or witnessed at the border were an individual state, it would have 16 electoral votes to decide the presidency, 14 members of the House of Representatives and would represent more than 3 percent of the entire U.S. population.

Any questions?

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.

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