05.16.2024 0

Biden Trying To Pivot On Inflation (But It’s Too Late)

The current high inflation rate of 3.4% has significant implications for the 2024 election. The Biden administration has failed to combat inflation effectively, with major contributors being food, electricity, shelter, and transportation services. Public sentiment shows a clear preference for the economic conditions under Trump’s administration compared to Biden’s. The Federal Reserve’s timing in raising rates has been poor. Biden faces a tough challenge in changing voter sentiment regarding the economy before the next election, as the media’s attempts to portray the economy positively do not align with Americans’ experiences.

Discussion and analysis based on an article from dailytorch.com by Robert Romano: https://dailytorch.com/2024/05/sticky-inflation-remains-elevated-at-3-4-percent-only-six-reports-remain-before-2024-election-can-biden-get-back-to-2-percent-before-then/

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