Will Obama force states to expand Medicaid (without them knowing it)?

By Robert Romano One of the parts of the Supreme Court ruling by Chief Justice John Roberts that upheld Obamacare last year made Medicaid expansion by states optional. As result, only 21 states have decided to participate in the program’s massive expansion. How massive? According to Medicaid.gov , “Beginning in […]


Dow hits new high, but is this just a paper boom?

By Robert Romano On Oct. 29, the Dow Jones Industrial average reached an all-time high. So, what has investors cheering? A manufacturing boom? More jobs? Lower taxes? None of the above. It was “expectations that the Federal Reserve will keep its economic stimulus program in place,” reports the Associated Press . […]


How federal exchanges could kill Obamacare

No Obamacare

By Robert Romano Even if Healthcare.gov is fixed, the federal exchanges available on it may yet prove to be the law’s Achilles heel. The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia is allowing a case to move forward that could gut Obamacare insurance subsidies in 34 states that opted not to implement state-run exchanges. If the plaintiffs prevail, the American people will […]


Merely delaying individual mandate will not fix Obamacare

By Robert Romano It is ironic that Senate Democrats who just two weeks ago were dead-set opposed to delaying any aspect of Obamacare are now suddenly jumping on board. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who on Sept. 30 voted to table House-offered legislation that would have instituted one-year delay of the health care law’s individual mandate , is suddenly all about it. He’s working on a bill that would do just that . Throw in Sen. Mark Begich […]


U.S. lends $35.6 billion through IMF foreign aid slush fund

By Robert Romano U.S. lending to foreign governments through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reached $35.6 billion, representing more than 25 percent of the agency’s $141.8 billion of outstanding loans . Well above its 17.7 percent quota, the U.S. is therefore funding a disproportionate share of IMF loans. Astonishingly, 68 percent of IMF […]


A permanent underclass

Train Wreck Cartoon-Warren

By Robert Romano Since 2009, the working age population has increased by 11.4 million people, and yet, in all that time, only 2.15 million of them have found jobs. The rest of them, more than 8 out of 10, are not officially unemployed, according to data compiled […]


Get ready for Obamacare auto-enroll

By Robert Romano While President Barack Obama attempts to put a happy face on the cluster rollout of Healthcare.gov and other state exchanges, where only a half million people are said to have applied for government-subsidized insurance , it may be time to start asking if this was not all a part of the plan in the first place. Consider […]


A House majority in name only

By Robert Romano House Republican leaders never had any intention of defunding or even delaying implementation of Obamacare. No other conclusion can be drawn from the complete capitulation by House Speaker John Boehner in agreeing to end the partial government shutdown, suspend the debt ceiling until Feb. 7, and allow […]


Time to call Obama’s debt default bluff

By Robert Romano Is the White House bluffing about an imminent default on the $16.7 trillion national debt? Is the debt ceiling crisis just a made-up D.C. myth meant to frighten young children? Heretofore, the story coming out of the U.S. Treasury has been that if the […]


The deadbeat president

By Robert Romano “I say, imagine in your private life, if you decided that I’m not going to pay my mortgage for a month or two — first of all you’re not saving money by not paying your mortgage. You’re just a deadbeat.” That was Barack Obama […]

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