Manning on Chosen Generation Radio Show: It’s important that people share their stories with the COVID vaccine

“After the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine shot, I’ve had overwhelming and debilitating health problems.” Marte Hudson Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning co-hosted the Chosen Generation Radio Show this week with host Pastor Greg Young. This week they spoke with a North Carolina woman who […]


State financial leaders reject Democrats’ ‘compromise’ on IRS financial snooping scheme

Latest Proposal: The banking activity of every American with an annual aggregate deposit or expenditure of $10,000 could be subject to IRS examination  By Catherine Mortensen The State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF), a group made up of state treasurers and auditors, has come out with a strongly […]


Pelosi’s Star Chamber Misuses Authority in Steve Bannon Charges

Perhaps the term Star Chamber is too nice of a description for this elected mob of partisan and never-Trump revenge seekers. By Richard Manning A U.S. congressional committee probing the Jan. 6 Capitol breech voted unanimously on Tuesday in favor of contempt-of-Congress charges against Steve Bannon, a former aide to former President Donald […]


Manning on Michael Yaffee Radio Program: California liberals at the root of the supply chain crisis

If we don’t get the global supply chain problem figured out, this will be a case of the Grinch who stole Christmas. Each week Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joins the Michael Yaffee Radio Program on WVNN in Huntsville, AL to talk new […]


Biden struggles to pass $3.5 trillion spending bill amid concerns economy is overheating

We literally printed money to cover every bit of the debt that has been incurred due to the Covid pandemic and lockdowns. Now, it looks like the economy is overheating. By Robert Romano The Consumer Price Index has increased 5.4 percent the past twelve months amid an unprecedented spendathon by Congress and two presidential […]


The vaccination rebellion is real, even if Joe Biden ignores it

As more and more individuals and groups speak out, resist, and defy the government mandate, freedom will prevail. By Catherine Mortensen Americans everywhere are defying President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. Airline CEOs, members of law enforcement, medical providers, independent businesses, and retailers are pushing back in a […]


ALG leads fight to protect patients’ access to lifesaving COVID meds

We are urging House Members to cosponsor legislation that would stop Joe Biden from rationing access to monoclonal antibodies COVID treatments. By Catherine Mortensen Americans for Limited Government (ALG) last week sent a letter to House Members urging them to support critical legislation that would prevent President […]


ALG Launches Freedom Merchandise: Just in Time for Christmas!

Our organizational mission is to limit the size and scope of government and this merchandise shop will provide one more avenue to fund that fight.  By Catherine Mortensen Americans for Limited Government launched a merchandise store on Monday morning designed to provide liberty lovers with unique products […]


Manning on Chosen Generation Radio: Columbus should be honored

Christopher Columbus deserves our honor and gratitude. Instead, the woke crowd in America seeks to tear him down. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning is a guest each week on the Chosen Generation Radio Show with host Pastor Greg. This week they spoke on […]


Manning on Bill Martinez Show: Democrats have relied on media as their messaging arm for too long

 Democrats aren’t used to anyone in the media asking them hard questions. Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joins nationally syndicated radio host Bill Martinez every Wednesday at 9:30 am ET to talk news from Washington. This week Rick and Bill talked about Speaker […]

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