How a celebration of Washington’s birthday turned into Mattress Sales Monday

If you prefer to be a purist, join me in calling the third Monday of February George Washington’s Birthday. Though even that is still inaccurate. His actual birthday is February 22. By Catherine Mortensen Presidents’ Day, one of the most misunderstood national holidays, has a surprising history, […]


Top 3 Reasons Cancel Culture is Crumbling

“Cancel culture will become futile as the decentralized internet continues to grow. As much as we disagree with the authoritarian precepts of the left, Americans for Limited Government believes that the First Amendment applies equally to everyone and that no one should be cancelled.” – […]


Senate Republicans raise alarms about Biden’s out-of-control inflation

With inflation at a 40-year high under the Biden administration and Americans struggling with soaring costs for everyday expenses, Senate Republicans are raising alarms. Catherine Mortensen With inflation at a 40-year high under the Biden administration and Americans struggling with soaring costs for everyday expenses, Senate Republicans […]


What We’ve Learned from COVID

COVID has taught us that we can ‘never again give the government two weeks.’ Catherine Mortensen As governors across the country begin to lift COVID mandates and restrictions, moving on without updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is worth asking what we […]


The camera doesn’t lie: it reveals Joe Biden’s lifeless shell

The camera reveals a man who will never be interesting like Trump. He will never be inspiring like Trump. Biden appears to be,  because he is, a man better suited to backroom politics than being president. He’s dull, lifeless, and boring. By Catherine Mortensen For a recent […]


House ‘Postal Reform’ Measure Would Raid Medicare

If robbing Medicare to bail out USPS retiree health benefits, the question is, who will bail out the trillions of unfunded liabilities facing Medicare?  By Richard Manning A Medicare funding crisis is due to hit in four years, yet the Senate is about to consider […]


Polls suggest New England could lead the country in a rebirth of freedom

Gen Z’s views are a lot more nuanced than the mainstream media would have us believe, and many are open to conservative policies, especially in culturally distinct New England. Market Research Foundation Growing evidence shows the increasingly radical modern Democratic Party is pushing young people away. Nowhere is […]


ALG in Breitbart: Americans for Limited Government Calls on Senate GOP to Defund Vaccine Mandates

“I know Republicans are afraid to do that because they don’t want to rock the boat,” Manning said. BREITBART Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning called on Senate Republicans to block President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates by using the prospect of a government funding lapse […]


ALG Joins Conservative Coalition in Opposing Biden’s Fed Reserve Nominees

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning joins with a broad coalition of conservative leaders in opposing President Joe Biden’s two nominees to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The Conservative Action Project, a coalition of more than 100 organizations representing all major elements of […]


Nervous Democrats seek off-ramp from COVID mandates

With the November elections less than a year away, Democrats are desperate to put the pandemic behind them. Clearly, they are choosing to pay more attention to the political science than actual science. By Catherine Mortensen With the November mid-term elections fast approaching, Democrats nationwide are seeking […]

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