Catherine Mortensen

Catherine Mortensen is the Vice President of Communications at Americans for Limited Government. She can be reached at

Mortensen is a former TV news anchor in New Mexico, elected official in Southern Colorado, and Capitol Hill communications director for Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05). She also served as a spokesperson at the National Rifle Association. She has bachelor’s degrees in journalism and political science from Boston University and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and son. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books on American history, and exploring museums and historical sites.


Catherine Mortensen

Retired Marine’s SAVAGE Takedown of Joe Biden

“Biden is perpetuating disgusting views about military and law enforcement.” By Catherine Mortensen At a recent CNN town hall President Joe Biden said that former military and former police officers were fueling the “growth of white supremacy.” Biden said, “I got involved in politics, to begin with because of civil rights […]


Americans are Tired of Being Locked Down and Masked up!

“The pandemic is over. 2020 was the year of government overreach. Make 2021 the year of organized civil disobedience and friendly reunions.” By Catherine Mortensen Is it time for Americans to fight back against Covid lockdowns? Conservative entrepreneur Dan Gelernter thinks it is. Gelernter recently wrote a […]


IMF Study: Covid could lead to widespread social unrest

International Monetary Fund study: countries with severe epidemics also experienced greater unrest on average. By Catherine Mortensen A recent study by economists at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) found that if history is a predictor, America could be in for social unrest as the Covid pandemic eases. From COVID’s Long Shadow: Social Repercussions of Pandemics In […]


Biden Hires Ad Agency Known for ‘Smash-hit campaign’ to promote male sex toys

  By Catherine Mortensen The ad and PR agency hired by the Biden administration to promote its agenda is known in the advertising world for its 2019 “smash-hit campaign” to promote Tenga ­–the Japanese maker of “Cup,” “Egg,” and “Flip” male sex toys. BCW, the nation’s third […]


NY Democrats seek to cut Cuomo down to size

Democratic state leaders seek to strip Gov. Cuomo of his emergency powers in wake of his disastrous – possibly criminal – Covid response. By Catherine Mortensen Democratic leaders of the New York State Senate are reportedly working to strip New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo of his emergency […]


What America can learn from Texas’s green energy failure

“It is a cautionary tale of a system that is being messed around with by politicians who I wouldn’t let screw in a light bulb in my house.” By Catherine Mortensen As millions of Texans remain without power, many are wondering if renewable energy sources are to […]


The mounting cost of school closures, estimated $14 to $28 trillion loss

By Catherine Mortensen A new report by the McKinsey consulting group finds that the longer that schools remain closed or only offer virtual learning the more catastrophic the cost will be for students, parents, and teachers. On average, American students from kindergarten to fifth grade have missed out on […]


Big Tech censors strike again!

Twitter calls it ‘hateful’ to state the facts about transgenders. By Catherine Mortensen The cancel culture recently struck out at the Christian group Focus on the Family. Twitter locked the group’s account for posting what they called, “hateful” content. At issue was a Tweet pointing to a […]


TIME: ‘Shadow Campaign Saved 2020 Election.’ Is that true?

Political outsiders reading this shockingly brazen piece believe it proves a ‘cabal’ colluded against Trump. Political insiders say this is just how politics works.  By Catherine Mortensen A Time magazine article, ‘The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,’ written by Molly Ball, TIME’s National Political Correspondent, is getting a lot of attention in conservative […]


Anti-woman sniffer-in-chief denies womens’ maternity leave

Biden strips Trump appointees of maternity leave exposing his hollow promise to ‘empower women’ By Catherine Mortensen In the latest case of hypocrisy, the Biden administration is refusing to honor federal maternity leave benefits for Trump appointees. According to Politico , Vanessa Ambrosini, a deputy communications director at the Commerce […]


Shoe is on the other foot for New York Democrat who claims election fraud

By Catherine Mortensen The shoe is on the other foot for a New York Democrat who refused to concede a close congressional race for more than three months, claiming “systemic violations of state and federal election law.” Incumbent Democrat Anthony Brindisi this week finally conceded the race, […]


Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol Hill Restrictions ‘Rules For Thee, None For Me’

By Catherine Mortensen House Speaker Nancy’s Pelosi’s appointee on the Hill appears to be giving her a pass from her own security mandates in another case of rules for thee, but none for me. After the House Speaker fined two Republican lawmakers, Reps. Louie Gohmert and Andrew Clyde $5,000 each for […]


How ‘flatten the curve’ became flatten America

A look back at the shifting messaging and goals in the Covid Pandemic By Catherine Mortensen Joe Biden’s prediction of a dark winter is upon us as many Americans struggle under oppressive Covid lockdowns with no end in sight. How did we go from a common-sense plan […]


Former Rep. Dave Brat: We must fight back!

Congressman who ousted Eric Cantor urges conservatives to stay engaged. By Catherine Mortensen In a recent column in American Greatness , professor emeritus and thought leader Angelo Codevilla  makes the bold proposal that “in order to preserve republican freedoms… [w]e can start by boycotting an institution that undeniably, has become ruinously partisan: the […]


Facebook turns 17 but no one is celebrating

How a cute toddler everyone loved grew into a teen bully with trust issues By Catherine Mortensen Seventeen years ago today a Harvard University sophomore named Mark Zuckerberg launched The Facebook, a social media website he built in order to connect Harvard students with one another. By […]

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