Border Security

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Time for border state lawmakers to take the lead in border security

An Arizona state representative is requesting a legal opinion from state AG on the failure of Biden administration to secure border. By Richard Manning Tens of thousands of migrants are gathering on the Mexican side of the southern border, ahead of the Biden administration’s planned […]


Rick Rant: The Week’s 4 Craziest Stories!

With so much craziness going on, it’s hard to stop at just 4 stories, but let’s give it a try! By Richard Manning Haitian illegal immigrant leader vows violence if not allowed into the United States Really? This is a declared invasion by people who […]


ALG on the Bill Meyer Radio Show: Borders matter.

ALG President Rick Manning joins radio host Bill Meyer of KMED radio in Medford, OR every Friday at 9:35 am ET. You can listen on Facebook at the Bill Meyer Radio show. This week Rick talked about the importance of protecting our borders.”There is not moral imperative […]


‘This is a fight for America first’

Social media influencer Scott Presler visits the southern border to talk about saving America. by Frank McCaffrey Conservative social media influencer Scott Presler visited the southern border this week to help raise awareness for President Biden’s massive security and humanitarian failures. He shared his story […]


Cartoon: Queens of Mean

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