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‘This is a fight for America first’

Social media influencer Scott Presler visits the southern border to talk about saving America.

by Frank McCaffrey

Conservative social media influencer Scott Presler visited the southern border this week to help raise awareness for President Biden’s massive security and humanitarian failures. He shared his story in an exclusive interview with  Americans for Limited Government and talks about what each of us can do to help save America.

“I’m a  normal average American citizen who because I dared to say, ‘I will’ in a society that asked ‘who will?’ I went from dog walker to being recognized on the stage of CPAC and  winning the Ronald Reagan award for my activism, and for my volunteer efforts to register voters, to clean up our cities, to get people to run for office.

“I don’t think this is really a fight against a one-party system. I think this is a fight against the establishment. This is fight against globalism. This is a fight for America first and putting the safety, security and well being of the American citizens first.

“We are under a contract being American citizens that under our Constitution, by living here, by paying taxes, we are signing a contract that being citizens we pay them to take care of us, for all intents and purposes, right, and with an unsecure order, the government is not keeping up its part of the contract to protect us.

“For example, MS-13 is in our country. They just caught two terrorist at the border, the other day. It’s clear that our government is not keeping up its end of the deal. And that’s why I’m here in the Rio Grande Valley because I want to bring attention to the humanitarian crisis at the border, and to talk about the need for safety and security.

“Republicans always talk tough on immigration, when they’re in the minority, which they are right now, but where were you, John Cornyn and even Ted Cruz, I’m a big fan. But why weren’t you especially pushing for more reform, when you had a majority in the United States Senate? It’s easy to talk tough when you’re in the minority party, and when you don’t have the power to affect change.

“I’m very focused on electing American first conservatives. I want to show the Hispanic community that they have a place within the Republican Party, and that moving forward Hispanics are going to be key players in the Republican Party. This area has been trending Republican.

“And that’s why these efforts are so important now. We’re not waiting until 2022. We are organizing right now we are registering voters right now. We are supporting candidates who are running for local office at this very moment.

“Register to vote. Run for local office, especially school board, and fight to make sure that our kids can get back in the classrooms and have the best education provided for them.”

Frank McCaffrey is News Director of the Americans for Limited Government Foundation.

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