The vaccination rebellion is real, even if Joe Biden ignores it

As more and more individuals and groups speak out, resist, and defy the government mandate, freedom will prevail. By Catherine Mortensen Americans everywhere are defying President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. Airline CEOs, members of law enforcement, medical providers, independent businesses, and retailers are pushing back in a […]


We Must Rise to Restore Constitutional Government

Are we willing to pledge to each other “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” for freedom? By Cheryl Chumley, Guest Columnist When we think of Virginia patriots, most of us think of Patrick Henry, the man who gave us the immortal battle cry, […]


What Fresh Hell is This? Cult of Fauci Continues!

Comedian James Corden’s viral video confirms the left continues to worship at the feet of Fauci. By Catherine Mortensen Americans, perhaps even the world, seem to be living in two different realities, as evidenced by the latest viral video touting Covid vaccinations, and following the “wisdom” of […]


Meet the Black father teaching his daughter to reject Critical Race Theory

“My baby is going to know that no matter what she wants to be, all she has to do is work hard. We need to stop CRT point blank.” By Catherine Mortensen Kory Yeshua, an advocate for freedom and individual liberty, is making waves on social media […]


Cartoon: What a Drag

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