Manning on Lars Larson Radio Show: Rino Republicans who voted for Biden’s spending bill will pay a price

“It is absolutely critical that voters remember this bill and hold these Rino Republican senators accountable.” Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning is a weekly guest on the Lars Larson Radio Show. He can be heard each Thursday at 7:45 pm ET. This week Rick and […]


Progressives’ Plan B for achieving socialist utopia

“Flatlining government spending is the only acceptable approach to paying for any infrastructure plan.” By Catherine Mortensen If you’ve had a hard time keeping up with the latest spending bills in Washington in recent weeks, join the club. It seems every day Democrats change their demands and […]


To offset $1 trillion infrastructure plan, Congress should use 3-year sequestration, not tax increases

It would be a massive mistake to burden our recovering economy will killer tax increases. By Rick Manning A group of 21 bipartisan senators announced an agreement on a framework for an infrastructure proposal. As reported by CBS News , “Several of the lead negotiators from both parties traveled to the White […]


Biden Unveils Socialist Agenda, where is outrage, or at least concern?

“These are not the droids you are looking for. You can move along.” This is not the socialism you are expecting. This is just a “paradigm shift.”  By Sheryl Kaufman An article in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal dressed itself as an objective report on Biden’s shift to using the government as […]

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