New York’s Cuomo targets NRA with political lawsuit to block sale of insurance to those who use guns in self-defense

By Natalia Castro Operation Choke Point left a sour taste in conservatives’ mouth. Members of the constitutionally protected Second Amendment industry and their affiliates became targets of government aggression and overregulation for no reason besides helping Americans exercise their civil rights. While the federal implementation […]


Banks that took taxpayer bailouts seek to revive Eric Holder’s anti-Second Amendment Operation Choke Point

By Natalia Castro America’s largest banks should uphold American values: entrepreneurship, innovation, and, perhaps more than anything, the principles of the Constitution. Yet several of the country’s largest banks have decided to go against these principles by opposing the people’s Second Amendment right to bear […]


Time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end Operation Chokepoint

By Peter Hong Barack Obama has been out of office for only seven months, yet the damage from his administrative excesses are still being borne across this country. Case in point:  Operation Check Point (OCP).  You remember OCP.  Hatched in 2012 by Eric Holder, Obama’s […]


House bill against Operation Choke Point complicates Obama’s war on Second Amendment

By Dustin Howard As it will soon be known, in the bad old days of President Obama’s second term, he used the Department of Justice (DOJ) to attack his most hated of political enemies: gun dealers. In Operation Choke Point , a gun dealer could wake up one […]


Ted Cruz’ most excellent day

By Rick Manning There must have been an old school phone booth somewhere near Ted Cruz’ D.C. office, as the Senator from Texas seemed to have gone into superhero mode on Nov. 4. Let’s recap the loquacious one’s most excellent day. In the morning, as a member […]


As regulators go postal on business, a slow-growth economy ensues

By Dave Cribbin While the phony “war on women” rages in the headlines of the main stream media, the real war, the one being conducted against American Businesses by a slew of Government agencies, goes largely unreported. Crack economic writers place the blame for a […]

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