Socialism Feeds the Body, Starves the Soul

We can no longer allow those who outsource charity under the guise of socialism to an uncaring government to usurp the rightful role of Christians to provide charity under the banner of eternal hope that our Savior Jesus Christ offers all. By Richard Manning Christmas […]


Americans aren’t buying what Biden is selling. They can’t afford to.

Americans are waking up to the cold hard facts, there is no free lunch. Eventually the bill has to be paid. By Catherine Mortensen The latest NPR/Marist poll finds major warning signs for President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats. According to NPR : Americans don’t feel the direct payments or […]


Biden Shuts Out Cuban Asylum Seekers While Continuing to Welcome Central Americans

Because those fleeing Cuba “will never vote for the left’s Marxist nightmare, they will be forced to continue living under one of the most repressive regimes in the world.” By Catherine Mortensen NBC News spoke with 50-year old Havana, Cuba resident Caridad Montes this week to understand what is […]


Cartoon: Hook, Line, and Sinking


ALG on the Lars Larson Show: “A steady stream of ‘free’ government money will destroy us.”

ALG President Rick Manning is a regular guest every Thursday night at 7:45 pm ET on the Lars Larson radio show. This week they talked about the Biden administration’s deliberate creation of a government induced labor shortage to artificially drive up wages. “The net result when people […]

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